Optimizing website

June 4, 2017

Hi, im triying to optimize the website. for mobile users the menu will disappear if you have low resolution. Meanwhile i will try to create a new menu. Please post below in the facebook comments if you are getting any problem with the website (something weird or something is missing)

About ads

Nov. 2, 2016

Should remove the new floating ads and keep only the google ads?


Attack from ip

Aug. 22, 2016

Sorry for the site been down the last 12 hours. but finally i get that the ip was copying or attacking the site, i dont care what was doing but now im going to install cloudflare, sorry but its a need.

If you have a opinion or anything please talk me to the facebook or via the comments below

DDOS attack

July 15, 2016

Hi, right now the server its getting a ddos attack. If the service its unstable please let me know via facebook (server provider just make some things to help out, and im alo monitoring this to avoid legitimate users get blocked)

About contacting

June 20, 2016

Hi, as the contact form its not working (im right now seeing the code and not sure if i can get it back to work) please use the facebook below the website to contact if something happen.

now theres a anti ddos module to avoid a lot of request in one second (that was doing the server become inestable)

Thank you

Filter working version

June 8, 2016

here the filter option its working and the search function its the same, at google on the up right or here: http://dnd.arkalseif.info/lookup/search.php


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