Well i dont not own this apk. just found this backup files from the android app

here its the dndtools database app

  • http://mega.nz/#!2M8V3SzY!tgJgKtoicXscunKCYzloiLRTOcbM8Mx3y4xOso54baw

here its the dndtools character creator app

  • https://mega.nz/#!KFkjFQjB!ekSuDd-VTl62KNq5I7N5yP7o20aUOOJ1W4B4xiq2OuI

here its the url for updating the dndtools database app

  • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/8uwuvhbg8cc7y5m/dnd.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAGEpJ6AE0ROuCSuoWThKPfpCHQ_Wuvfg_t8cNCtfKAOdg

If you need instructions you can check the old dndtools site (not mine) RIP :(

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