Spells in Teleportation

Spell name Spell School V S M AF DF XP Rulebook name Edition
Familiar Refuge Conjuration yes no no no no no Complete Mage Supplementals (3.5)
Firestride Exhalation Conjuration/Evocation yes yes no no no no Dragon Magic Supplementals (3.5)
Frostfell Slide Conjuration yes yes no no yes no Frostburn Supplementals (3.5)
Halaster's Image Swap Conjuration yes no no no no no City of Splendors: Waterdeep Forgotten Realms (3.5)
Knight's Move Transmutation yes yes no no yes no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Maze Conjuration yes yes no no no no Player's Handbook v.3.5 Core (3.5)
Node Door Conjuration yes no no no no no Champions of Ruin Forgotten Realms (3.5)
Node Door Conjuration yes no no no no no Underdark Forgotten Realms (3.5)
Phantom Charge Conjuration yes yes no no no no Complete Champion Supplementals (3.5)
Planar Navigation Conjuration yes yes no yes yes no Stormwrack Supplementals (3.5)
Plane Shift Conjuration yes yes no yes no no Player's Handbook v.3.5 Core (3.5)
Plane Shift, Greater Conjuration no no no no no no Planar Handbook Supplementals (3.5)
Plane Shift, Greater Conjuration yes yes no yes no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Precipitate Breach Conjuration yes no yes no no no Planar Handbook Supplementals (3.5)
Precipitate Complete Breach Conjuration yes no yes no no yes Planar Handbook Supplementals (3.5)
Protective Interposition Conjuration yes yes no no yes no The Forge of War Eberron (3.5)
Refuge Conjuration yes yes yes no no no Player's Handbook v.3.5 Core (3.5)
Regroup Conjuration yes yes no no no no Player's Handbook II Supplementals (3.5)
Scattering Trap Conjuration yes yes yes no no no Player's Handbook II Supplementals (3.5)
Scramble True Position Conjuration yes yes no no no no Tome of Magic Supplementals (3.5)

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