Intermediate God (Chaotic Evil)
Erythnul delights in panic and slaughter. In civilized lands, his followers (including evil fighters, barbarians, and rogues) form small, criminal cults. In savage lands, evil barbarians, gnolls, bugbears, ogres, and trolls commonly worship him. His title is the Many.

Portfolio: Slaughter, panic.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery, War.
Cleric Training: Clerics of Erythnul get most of their training in large temples (where they'll witness live sacrifice after live sacrifice) or in the army (where they'll witness the horrors of war). A higher-level cleric looks over a number of novice clerics, trying to frighten them into rejecting the path they've chosen. Those who don't flinch after repeated tests become Erythnul's new clerics.
Quests: Anything that creates mass slaughter or mass hysteria pleases Erythnul, so his followers might finish off the dying on a battlefield, make sure a shaky cease-fire falls apart, or simply pillage the countryside, killing or maiming everyone they find.
Prayers: Erythul favors simple rhyming chants—and the gorier the subject matter, the better. "First we slay and then we flay!/From skin to bone, you beg and moan!"
Temples: Erythnul raises massive altars quickly at battlefields, where their followers slaughter in the name of their god. If the tides of war take them elsewhere, they may abandon their altars, leaving the area unhallowed, desecrated, and a prime lair for other evil creatures.
Rites: For obvious reasons, Erythnul's rites are generally sacrificial. Captured soldiers from a previous battle are often sacrificed at dawn before combat starts in a "Bloody Howl" ceremony that inspires Erythnul's followers to greater slaughters.
Herald and Allies: A balor is Erythnul's favorite choice for herald. Allies are howlers, glabrezu demons, and nalfeshnee demons.
Relics: Executioner's hood, morningstar of the many.



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