Lesser Goddess (Lawful Evil)
Also called the Chromatic Dragon, Tiamat is a massive dragon with five heads: black, blue, green, red, and white. She urges her followers—mostly other dragons, but some humanoid cults—to conquer as much as they can, gathering the spoils of war in rich hoards. No cruelty is beyond her desire for plunder and victory in battle.

Portfolio: Evil dragons, conquest.
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery.
Cleric Training: The Chromatic Dragon has enough dark mystique that humanoid cults often worship her. Sometimes she sends a dragon or two to teach new clerics the way of rapacious conquest. Would-be clerics try their utmost to please their instructors, because students who fail are eaten by their teachers.
Quests: Tiamat cares about treasure, cruelty, and conquest— and she's not even particular whether something conquered is retained thereafter. Her followers form cabals that secretly rule cities, raid the treasure-hoards of metallic dragons, and engage in great wars to conquer some new portion of the lower planes, sending its looted wealth back to Tiamat.
Prayers: Prayers to Tiamat are always spoken in first person plural, even if the worshiper is alone. They also tend to grovel a lot. "Chromatic Dragon, conquer our weakness…" is a common prayer opening.
Temples: Vast, gloomy caverns stocked with treasure and sacrifice are Tiamat's favorite temples. These caverns draw temple raiders like flies when their location becomes known, but are often guarded by dragons.
Rites: Sacrifices are common elements in Tiamat's few rituals, which almost always bless some new plan of conquest. Her dragon followers generally consume the sacrificial victims.
Herald and Allies: Tiamat often sends a group of adult chromatic dragons (one of each type) to collectively act as her herald. Allies include succubus demons, glabrezu demons, and greater abyssal basilisks.
Relics: Chromatic rod, dragonscale cloak.



Favored Weapon

Bite or Heavy Pick

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