Initiate of Ghaunadaur

( Champions of Ruin, p. 23)


You have learned the dread secrets of the god of oozes, slimes, jellies, and outcasts.


Cleric level 3rd, patron deity Ghaunadaur,


You can command or rebuke oozes as an evil cleric commands or rebukes undead. You can use this supernatural ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Cha modifier.

In addition, you add the following spells to your cleric spell list.

Level Spell Description
1st Corrosive Grasp 1 touch/level deals 1d6+1 acid damage.
2nd Blindsight Grants blindsight out to 30 ft.
3rd Amorphous Form Subject becomes puddinglike and can slip through cracks quickly.
5th Slime Hurl Hurl up to three globs of green slime.
7th Mantle of the Slime Lord Nonintelligent oozes do not attack you, and you gain some ooze immunities.

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