Elf Paragon

(Unearthed Arcana variant, p. 35)

Accomplished with both spell and blade, elves move through the world at a pace removed from that of shorter-lived races. Long-standing champions of good, the elf race is storied beyond telling and peopled by heroes beyond counting. As mighty as the elf race can be, it is not often that elves turn to warfare or combat, preferring instead the paths of poetry, dance, song, and lore. With their long life spans and many talents, elves excel in numerous areas and classes, but a few exemplify to an even greater degree the complex and powerful nature of their race.



Skill points

2 + Int

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the elf paragon class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Elf paragons are proficient with all simple weapons, rapiers, longswords, shortbows, and longbows. Elf paragons are proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Spells per Day: At 2nd and 3rd level, an elf paragon gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in wizard. She does not, however, gain any other benefi t a character of that class would have gained (bonus metamagic feats, and so on). This essentially means that she adds the level of elf paragon to her level in wizard, then determines spells per day and caster level accordingly.

If an elf paragon has no levels in wizard, this class feature has no effect.

Elfsight (Ex): An elf paragon has exceptional visual acuity. Her racial bonus on Search and Spot checks increases to +4. In addition, an elf paragon's low-light vision increases in range, allowing her to see three times as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination.

Resist Enchantments (Ex): An elf paragon's racial bonus saves against enchantment spells or effects increases by 2.

Weapon Focus (Ex): At 2nd level, an elf paragon gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat. This feat must apply to either the rapier, longsword, shortsword, shortbow, longbow, composite shortbow, or composite longbow.

Ability Boost (Ex): At 3rd level, an elf paragon's Intelligence score increases by 2 points.


Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Spells per Day
1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Elfsight, resist enchantment
2nd +1 +0 +3 +0 Weapon Focus +1 level of Wizard
3rd +2 +1 +3 +1 Ability boost (Int +2) +1 level of Wizard

Class skills

Skill name Key ability Trained only Armor check penalty
Climb STR no yes
Craft INT no no
Diplomacy CHA no no
Hide DEX no yes
Jump STR no yes
Knowledge Int yes no
Listen WIS no no
Move Silently DEX no yes
Profession WIS yes no
Spellcraft INT yes no
Spot WIS no no
Survival WIS no no
Swim STR no yes

Spells for Elf Paragon

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