Assassin level 4 spells

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Spell name Spell School V S M AF DF XP Rulebook name Edition
Assassin's Darkness Evocation yes yes no no no no Complete Scoundrel Supplementals (3.5)
Bloodfreeze Arrow Transmutation yes no yes no no no Champions of Ruin Forgotten Realms (3.5)
Cursed Blade Necromancy yes no no no no no Complete Warrior Supplementals (3.5)
Cursed Blade Necromancy yes no no no no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Deathsight Divination no yes no no no no Complete Mage Supplementals (3.5)
Ferocity of Sanguine Rage Transmutation/Divination yes yes no no no no Dragon Magic Supplementals (3.5)
Flesh Armor Abjuration yes yes yes yes no no Book of Vile Darkness Supplementals (3.0)
Fracturing Weapon Transmutation yes yes no no yes no The Forge of War Eberron (3.5)
Heart Ripper Necromancy yes yes no no no no Complete Arcane Supplementals (3.5)
Heart Ripper Necromancy yes yes no no no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Hide from Dragons Abjuration no yes yes no no no Draconomicon Supplementals (3.5)
Hide from Dragons Abjuration no yes yes no no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Implacable Pursuer Divination yes yes no no no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Mordenkainen's Trusted Bloodhound Conjuration yes yes yes no no no Complete Mage Supplementals (3.5)
Shadow Arrow Necromancy yes no yes no no no Champions of Ruin Forgotten Realms (3.5)
Shadow Form Illusion yes yes yes no no no Complete Adventurer Supplementals (3.5)
Shadow Form Illusion yes yes yes no no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Shadow Phase Transmutation yes yes no no no no Spell Compendium Supplementals (3.5)
Sniper's Eye Transmutation yes yes no yes no no Complete Adventurer Supplementals (3.5)
Sniper's Eye Transmutation yes yes yes no no no Song and Silence: A Guidebook to Bards and Rogues Supplementals (3.0)

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