(Planar Handbook variant, p. 50)

"There are two paths to take; one is easy, and that is its only reward."


Base Attack Bonus: +4

Feats: Skill Focus (Bluff) , Skill Focus (Diplomacy) , or Skill Focus (Intimidate)

Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate 8 ranks; 5 ranks each in the other two skills.

Hit die


Skill points

6 + Int

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Fatemakers are proficient with all simple weapons, plus the longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip. Fatemakers are proficient with light armor and shields (except tower shields).

Because the somatic components required for fatemaker spells are relatively simple, a fatemaker can cast fatemaker spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance. However, like any other arcane spellcaster, a fatemaker wearing medium or heavy armor or using a shield incurs a chance of arcane spell failure if the spell in question has a somatic component (as most do). A fatemaker still incurs the normal arcane spell failure chance for arcane spells received from other classes.

Spells: Beginning at 1st level, a fatemaker gains the ability to cast a number of arcane spells. To cast a spell, a fatemaker must have a Charisma score of at least 10 + the spell's level, so a fatemaker with a Charisma of 10 or lower cannot cast these spells. Fatemaker bonus spells are based on Charisma, and saving throws against these spells have a DC of 10 + spell level + the fatemaker's Cha modifi er. When Table 3—3 indicates that a fatemaker gets 0 spells per day of a given spell level (for instance, 1st-level spells for a 1st-level fatemaker), she gains only the bonus spells she would be entitled to based on her Charisma score for that spell level. The fatemaker's spell list appears below. A fatemaker casts spells just as a sorcerer does.

Upon reaching 6th level, and at every even-numbered level after that (8th and 10th), a fatemaker can choose to learn a new spell in place of one she already knows. The new spell's level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged, and it must be at least two levels lower than the highest-level fatemaker spell the character can cast. A fatemaker can swap only a single spell at any given level, and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that she gains new spells known for that level.

Fatemaker Spells Known
Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1st 2 1
2nd 3
3rd 3 2 1
4th 4 3
5th 4 3 2 1
6th 4 4 3
7th 4 4 3 2 1
8th 4 4 4 3
9th 4 4 4 3
10th 4 4 4 4
1 Provided the fatemaker has a high enough Charisma score to have a bonus spell of this level.

Take-Charge Appeal (Ex): A fatemaker is a naturally confident leader. She adds 1 point to her Charisma score at 1st, 5th, and 10th level.

Confidence of the Fated (Su): Once per day, a fatemaker of 2nd level or higher can add her class level as a morale bonus on any single attack roll, weapon damage roll, saving throw, or skill check. At 7th level and higher, she can do this twice per day, but only once in any given round.

Sneak Attack (Ex): Beginning at 3rd level, a fatemaker deals an extra 1d6 points of damage on any successful melee attack against a flat-footed or flanked target, or against a target that has been denied its Dexterity bonus for any reason. This damage also applies to ranged attacks against targets up to 30 feet away. Creatures with concealment, creatures without discernible anatomies, and creatures immune to extra damage from critical hits are all immune to sneak attacks. A fatemaker can choose to deliver nonlethal damage with her sneak attack, but only when using a weapon designed for that purpose, such as a sap (blackjack).

At 6th level, the extra damage dealt by a fatemaker's sneak attack increases to 2d6 points, and at 9th level it increases to 3d6 points.

Aura of Confidence (Su): A fatemaker's confidence tends to rub off on her allies. Beginning at 4th level, a fatemaker grants a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks to all adjacent allies (but not to herself). This ability functions only while the fatemaker is conscious.

At 8th level, the bonus increases to +2.

Ego Manifestation (Sp): At 10th level, a fatemaker's internal confidence and ego can be made physically manifest, increasing her size and power. This effect is the equivalent of the righteous might spell (caster level equals class level), except that the fatemaker doesn't gain damage reduction, but instead gains a +4 bonus on Intimidate checks. She can use this ability once per day.

Fatemaker Spell List
Fatemakers choose their spells from the following list.
1st Level: charm person, disguise self, expeditious retreat, jump, sanctuary, true strike.
2nd Level: bear's endurance, bull's strength, cat's grace, darkvision, daze monster, eagle's splendor, fox's cunning, invisibility, owl's wisdom, resist energy, spider climb.
3rd Level: haste, protection from energy, nondetection, suggestion, tongues.
4th Level: charm monster, neutralize poison, remove curse, restoration, stoneskin.


—Spells per Day—
Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1st +0 +0 +2 +2 Take-charge appeal 0
2nd +1 +0 +3 +3 Confi dence of the Fated 1/day 1
3rd +2 +1 +3 +3 Sneak attack +1d6 2 0
4th +3 +1 +4 +4 Aura of confidence (+1) 3 1
5th +3 +1 +4 +4 Take-charge appeal 3 2 0
6th +4 +2 +5 +5 Sneak attack +2d6 3 3 1
7th +5 +2 +5 +5 Confidence of the Fated 2/day 3 3 2 0
8th +6 +2 +6 +6 Aura of confidence (+2) 3 3 3 1
9th +6 +3 +6 +6 Sneak attack +3d6 3 3 3 2
10th +7 +3 +7 +7 Ego manifestation, take-charge appeal 3 3 3 3

Class skills

Skill name Key ability Trained only Armor check penalty
Appraise INT no no
Balance DEX no yes
Bluff CHA no no
Climb STR no yes
Concentration CON no no
Craft INT no no
Decipher Script INT yes no
Diplomacy CHA no no
Disguise CHA no no
Escape Artist DEX no yes
Forgery INT no no
Gather Information CHA no no
Hide DEX no yes
Jump STR no yes
Knowledge (arcana) INT yes no
Knowledge (architecture and engineering) INT yes no
Knowledge (dungeoneering) INT yes no
Knowledge (geography) INT yes no
Knowledge (history) INT yes no
Knowledge (local) INT yes no
Knowledge (nature) INT yes no
Knowledge (nobility and royalty) INT yes no
Knowledge (psionics) INT yes no
Knowledge (religion) INT yes no
Knowledge (the planes) INT yes no
Listen WIS no no
Move Silently DEX no yes
Perform CHA no no
Profession WIS yes no
Search INT no no
Sense Motive WIS no no
Sleight of Hand DEX yes yes
Speak Language None yes no
Spellcraft INT yes no
Spot WIS no no
Swim STR no yes
Tumble DEX yes yes
Use Magic Device CHA yes no

Spells for Fatemaker

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