Demigod (Neutral)
Once a human martial artist, Zuoken attained such mental and physical perfection that Xan Yae raised him into godhood several centuries ago. His clerics watch over creatures with psionics or other mental powers, safeguarding them from harm and offering psionic training to all who show aptitude. Zuoken encourages his followers to be disciplined, serene masters of their minds and bodies. His symbol is a striking fist, and his favored weapon is the nunchaku.

Portfolio: Monks, mental powers.
Domains: Celerity, Knowledge, Mind, Strength, War
Cleric Training: Zuoken's followers study his harmonious philosophies at the foot of a master, often in a monastery far from civilization. Training consists of long dialogues between master and students, punctuated by rigorous practice sessions and physical conditioning.
Quests: Zuoken sends his followers into the world to improve themselves and advance the cause of psionics. Typical missions include rescuing a psionic family from superstitious villagers, hunting down a mind flayer assassin with a taste for psion brains, and finding a long-lost psionic artifact known as the -Orb of Gerendelik_.
Prayers: Prayers to Zuoken are short and poetic, and many use strange sentence structure, mixing up the words in a way confusing to nonbelievers. A common beginning to a prayer is "Zuoken, me to the pinnacle take…"
Temples: Zuoken's monasteries are generally far from civilization, but because they serve as psionic training centers, their locations are not secret. Many temples are guarded by an order of monks, the Fists of Zuoken (see page 144), who are drawn by the demigod's serene philosophy.
Rites: The followers of Zuoken make a point of meditating at every full moon, because it is said that Zuoken himself ascended to godhood by climbing a silvery staircase to the moon.
Herald and Allies: Zuoken generally sends a thought slayer as his herald. His planar allies are rasts, coutals, and Huge elementals of any kind.



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