Initiate of Kossuth

( Champions of Ruin, p. 24)


You have faced the fierce elemental flame and unlocked some of the secrets of Kossuth's church.


Cleric level 3rd, patron deity Kossuth,


All fire elementals that you summon using the summon monster spells have +2 hit points per die (instead of average hit points).

In addition, you add the following spells to your cleric spell list.

Level Spell Description
2nd Aganazzar's Scorcher Path of fire deals 1d8 damage per 2 levels (max 5d8).
4th Fire Stride Multiple use dimension door that works only through large fires.
5th Shroud of Flame Target bursts into flames, taking 2d6 fire damage per round and dealing 1d4 fire damage to creatures within 10 ft.
8th Incendiary Cloud Cloud deals 4d6 fire damage/round.

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