Feats in Complete Mage

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Acidic Splatter You can channel magical energy into orbs of acid. Complete Mage
Alacritous Cogitation You can leave a prepared spell slot open to spontaneously ... Complete Mage
Aquatic Breath Your reservoir of magic allows you to breathe normally even ... Complete Mage
Battlecaster Defense You have mastered techniques for taking full advantage of spells ... Complete Mage
Battlecaster Offense You cunningly mix melee combat and spellcasting to increase the ... Complete Mage
Blade of Force You can surround a weapon with a short-lived aura of ... Complete Mage
Borne Aloft You can channel the magic of the winds to briefly ... Complete Mage
Captivating Melody You can expend some of your musical abilities to increase ... Complete Mage
Clap of Thunder You can deliver a thunderous roar with a touch. Complete Mage
Cloudy Conjuration Your conjured creations and summoned beings appear in a puff ... Complete Mage
Clutch of Earth You briefly increase the earth's pull on the target creature. Complete Mage
Dazzling Illusion Casting illusions causes the air about you to be filled ... Complete Mage
Defending Spirit Your watchful spirit helps keep you safe in combat. Complete Mage
Delay Potion You can drink a potion and postpone its effects. Complete Mage
Dimensional Jaunt With a single step, you can cross an entire room. Complete Mage
Dimensional Reach You can transport small objects to you with an act ... Complete Mage
Drowning Glance With a look, you create a small but incapacitating amount ... Complete Mage
Elemental Adept You can spontaneously cast a spell of the element you ... Complete Mage
Energy Abjuration Casting an abjuration spell grants you protection from energy damage. Complete Mage
Energy Gestalt You have learned to combine multiple energy effects to great ... Complete Mage

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