Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.

Shape Ectoplasm

( Ghostwalk, p. 38)

[Ghost, Shaper]

You can make equipment out of ectoplasm.


Ectoplasm (Gh) , WIS 11,

Required for

Sculpt Ghost Body (Gh) , Temper Ectoplasm (Gh) ,


You can shape available ectoplasm into a facsimile of nonliving material, such as clothing, rope, leather, or wood. For example, you could make a suit of leather armor out of ectoplasm and it would function exactly like normal leather armor (buckles, buttons, and other small parts that would normally be made out of metal are instead made of ectoplasmic wood but are sufficient for this purpose). It takes 1 full round per pound of weight of the object to craft it, so a suit of ectoplasmic leather armor takes 15 rounds to shape. You must make an appropriate Craft check to shape articles requiring a high degree of craftsmanship (a folding chair, a glass vase, and so on).

The material is obviously formed of ectoplasm and lasts for a number of minutes equal to 10 + (10 × your Wisdom bonus). Shaped ectoplasm has all the properties of raw ectoplasm, except that it lasts longer and maintains whatever form you mold it into.

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