Thicken Mucus

( Lords of Madness, p. 23)


An aboleth with this feat can produce mucus that is thicker than normal, and other creatures fi nd it diffi cult to swim through.


Enlarge Mucus Cloud (LoM) , CON 22, Aboleth,

Required for

Toxic Mucus (LoM) ,


Creatures within range of the mucus cloud have their swim speed reduced by half if they start their movement in the cloud. Additionally, all creatures in melee with this aboleth take a -1 penalty on attack rolls, Armor Class, and Refl ex saving throws. Aboleths, skum, and creatures transformed by an aboleth's slime attack are unaffected by Thicken Mucus and can move through the cloud without penalty.


When on land, this ability affects only nonaboleth (or nontransformed creatures) that walk through the mucus puddle. The land speed of these creatures is reduced by half, and their swim speed is not affected. Flying creatures are not affected. Freedom of movement negates these penalties.

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