Cull Wand Essence

( Magic of Eberron, p. 46)


You can focus the raw magical energy of a wand or staff into a beam of energy.


Use Magic Device 4 ranks,


When using a spell trigger device, such as a wand or staff, you can expend a charge from the device and produce a ray of magical energy that you can fire at a single target within 60 feet. With a successful ranged touch attack, the ray deals damage based on the level of the spell normally produced by the magic item, according to the table below.

Spell Level Damage
1st 1d6
2nd 3d6
3rd 6d6
4th 10d6

For example, a charge from a wand of cure moderate wounds could be used to deal 3d6 points of damage to a target. This attack benefits from Weapon Focus (ranged spells) and similar feats and effects. The ray is treated as a spell of the same level as the spell normally produced by the magic item. Spell resistance applies to the damage, using the caster level of the spell trigger item.

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