Improved Homunculus

( Magic of Eberron, p. 49)


You are adept at improving and modifying your homunculus. Whenever you advance your homunculus's Hit Dice, you can also imbue it with special supernatural abilities.


Craft (any) 6 ranks, Craft Construct or craft homunculus class feature,


Your homunculus gains natural armor and special abilities based on its HD (see chart). If you use the Craft Construct feat to construct a homunculus, it gets these abilities when you create it. If you use the craft homunculus class feature of the artificer class, your homunculus gains natural armor and special abilities based on its current HD, and additional natural armor or special abilities if you later increase its HD.

All special abilities are described below; those requiring additional information follow the chart. Unless otherwise specified, an ability can only be taken once.

Each time the homunculus gains a HD, you can choose to remove any one special ability already granted from this feat and select another ability to replace the lost one. For example, an artificer with a 4-HD homunculus that has the climber special ability could choose to give it sneak attack instead if the homunculus's Hit Dice were increased to 5.

This feat applies to the character's homunculus regardless of its type. For new types of homunculi, see Chapter 6.

Hit Dice Natural Armor Total Special Abilities
1—2 +0 0
3—5 +2 1
6—8 +4 2
9—11 +6 3
12—14 +8 4
15—17 +10 5
18+ +12 6
Climber 1 Gains climb 20 ft. or existing climb speed improves by 20 ft.
Dextrous Gains +2 Dexterity
Durable 1 Gains 10 hp
Evasion As monk class feature
Flyer 1 Gains fly 20 ft. (good) or existing fly speed improves by 20 ft. and maneuverability improves by one category
Skilled 2 Gains +3 competence bonus on chosen skill check
Sneak attack 1 Gains sneak attack +1d6 (as rogue class feature)
Store infusion Homunculus can store one infusion of up to 3rd level
Strong Gains +2 Strength
Swimmer 1 Gains swim 20 ft. or existing swim speed improves by 20 ft.
Telepathy range Range of telepathy between homunculus and creator increases to 1 mile/level of the creator
Weapon ability 2 Natural weapons gain special ability

1 May be chosen more than once. Multiple selections stack.
2 May be chosen more than once. Multiple selections do not stack; instead, each selection of the ability applies to a new skill or weapon ability.

Store Infusion: At the beginning of each day, the artificer can store one infusion of up to 3rd level in the homunculus. This infusion must be one that the artificer could normally imbue the homunculus with. This infusion does not take effect when it is first stored. Instead, the homunculus can use a standard action to imbue itself with the infusion. No homunculus can store more than one infusion at a time.

Weapon Ability: When this ability is granted, choose a weapon special ability with a base price modifier of "+1 bonus," such as ghost touch, keen, or shock. The homunculus's natural weapons are treated as if they had this special ability.

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