Dragon's Insight

( Player's Guide to Eberron, p. 48)


You can call on the power of your dragonmark to enhance your natural abilities.


Least Dragonmark or Siberys Dragonmark,


As a free action, you can expend one of the daily uses of one of your dragonmark powers to gain a + 4 insight bonus on checks using a particular skill for a limited time. The skill affected by this feat is determined by the nature of your mark:. Detection: Spot. Finding: Search. Handling: Handle Animal. Healing: Heal. Hospitality: Diplomacy. Making: Craft (any). Passage: Survival. Scribing: Decipher Script. Sentinel: Sense Motive. Shadow: Gather Information. Storm: Balance. Warding: Search. The duration of the bonus depends on the potency of the dragonmark whose power you expend. The bonus granted by this feat always applies to at least one check (regardless of how long it takes to make such a check), as long as you begin the check before the duration elapses. For example, if you have the Least Mark of Shadow, the bonus applies to at least one Gather Information check begun within 1 minute of activating the ability, even though a typical Gather Information check takes much longer than 1 minute. Mark Duration. Least mark 1 minute. Lesser mark 10 minutes. Greater mark 1 hour. Siberys mark 24 hours.

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