Trophy Collector

( Player's Handbook II, p. 83)


A belt of minotaur fur, a hood of cloaker wing-skin, and an amulet fashioned from a petrifi ed dragon's eye--these are the intimidating symbols of your trade. You are skilled in preserving portions of defeated enemies and turning them into trophies. The memory of your past accomplishments drives you onward, instilling in you the confi dence needed to face still greater foes.


Craft (taxidermy) 6 ranks,


When you defeat a foe in combat, you can preserve a part of its body and create a trophy that you can wear or brandish. In order to be worthy of your efforts, the opponent must have a CR greater than your current level. A trophy has a value equal to the defeated creature's CR × 100 gp. You must spend time using the Craft (taxidermy) skill to create the trophy as normal. Once you create a trophy, you can sell it for its market price or wear it. When you create a trophy, you must design it to occupy space on your body as one of these kinds of magic items: amulet, belt, boots, or cloak. You cannot gain the benefit of both a magic item and a trophy if both occupy the same space on your body; in such a case, the object you donned last becomes functional and the other object does not work. While wearing a trophy, you gain a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks per trophy against creatures of the same type as the trophy, except for outsiders and humanoids. In these two cases, the target must share the same subtype as the creature from which you crafted the trophy. You take a --4 penalty on Diplomacy checks against creatures of the same type or subtype as one or more of your worn trophies. For each trophy you wear, you gain a +1 bonus on saves against fear effects. Once per day, you gain a morale bonus on a single Will save equal to the number of trophies you wear. In this case, you draw upon the memories of past victories to strengthen your resolve. If you choose to take this morale bonus on a save against a fear effect, it stacks with the usual +1 bonus on saves per trophy worn.


You can only craft trophies from corporeal creatures that you actively helped defeat. You cannot craft trophies from oozes.

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