Feats in Races of Eberron

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Adamantine Body At the cost of mobility, your warforged body can be ... Races of Eberron
Aerenal Beastmaster As an elf of Aerenal, you consider baboons sacred animals ... Races of Eberron
Ancestral Guidance The spirit of your patron ancestor guides your hands and ... Races of Eberron
Battleshifter Training Your shifter fighting instincts grant you a sophisticated blend of ... Races of Eberron
Bladebearer of the Valenar Your extensive training makes you especially adept with the curved ... Races of Eberron
Boomerang Daze You can daze the targets of your boomerang attacks. Races of Eberron
Boomerang Ricochet You can strike up to two foes with a single ... Races of Eberron
Brute Fighting Your extensive training with two-handed weapons is revealed through brutally ... Races of Eberron
Call of the Undying You call upon the power of the Undying Court to ... Races of Eberron
Cliffwalk Elite Your cliffwalk shifter trait improves. Races of Eberron
Cold Iron Tracery Cold-forged iron that runs through your body allows you to ... Races of Eberron
Construct Lock Your knowledge of construct nature allows you to deal extra ... Races of Eberron
Dancing with Shadows You have studied sheshan talarash dasyannah, the martial dance of ... Races of Eberron
Darguun Mauler The memory of your people's lost glory drives your brutal ... Races of Eberron
Daylight Adaptation You have grown accustomed to living in the surface world, ... Races of Eberron
Dinosaur Hunter Your extraordinary knowledge of dinosaurs grants you special aptitude for ... Races of Eberron
Dinosaur Wrangler You are attuned to dinosaurs and possess a special bond ... Races of Eberron
Disturbing Visage You can change your features to chilling effect. Races of Eberron
Dreamsight Elite Your dreamsight shifter trait improves. Races of Eberron
Drow Skirmisher Your experience with the guerrilla-style combat of the deep jungle ... Races of Eberron

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