Feats in Races of Stone

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Ancestral Knowledge You have a strong connection to the ancestors of your ... Races of Stone
Auspicious Marking Goliaths place great stock in how the mottled variations in ... Races of Stone
Axespike You have mastered the art of fighting in spiked armor ... Races of Stone
Battle Hardened Your extensive battle experience has left you incredibly calm and ... Races of Stone
Burrow friend Your natural rapport with burrowing mammals improves. Races of Stone
Clan Prestige Your actions have brought you some measure of fame and ... Races of Stone
Craft Rune Circle You can create rune circles, stationary magic items that hold ... Races of Stone
Deep Vision Your mental focus helps you see farther with darkvision. Races of Stone
Deflective Armor Your armor shields you from touch attacks as well as ... Races of Stone
Divine Damage Reduction You can channel energy to give yourself a small amount ... Races of Stone
Divine Spellshield You can channel energy to help your allies resist spells ... Races of Stone
Dwarven Armor Proficiency You are familiar with exotic armor of dwarven manufacture and ... Races of Stone
Earth Adept You are in tune with the ground at your feet, ... Races of Stone
Earth Fist Your bond with the earth and martial training has imbued ... Races of Stone
Earth Master You are in tune with the ground at your feet, ... Races of Stone
Earth Power You draw psionic energy from raw stone. Races of Stone
Earth Sense You are in tune with the earth beneath you. Races of Stone
Earth Spell You draw magical power from the earth beneath your feet. Races of Stone
Earth's Warding You can channel energy to infuse your skin with the ... Races of Stone
Enchanting Song You can channel the power of your bardic music to ... Races of Stone

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