Dragon Tail

( Races of the Dragon, p. 98)


Your draconic ancestry manifests as a muscular tail you can use in combat.


1st level only, Dragonblood subtype,


You have a tail that you can use to make a secondary natural attack in combat. This attack deals bludgeoning damage according to your size, as shown on the table below. If you already have a tail slap attack when you take this feat, use the value from the table or your existing damage value, whichever is greater. Size --- Tail Slap Damage. Fine ----------- 1. Diminutive --- 1d2. Tiny ---------- 1d3. Small --------- 1d4. Medium ------ 1d6. Large -------- 1d8. Huge --------- 2d6. Gargantuan - 2d8. Colossal ----- 4d6.


Unlike most feats, this feat must be taken at 1st level, during character creation.

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