Desert Wind Dodge

( Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, p. 29)


Your training in the Desert Wind discipline allows you to dance across the battlefield like a blistering sirocco.


DEX 13, one Desert Wind maneuver,

Required for

Scorching Sirocco (ToB) ,


If you move at least 10 feet from your original position, you gain a+1 dodge bonus to AC and deal an extra I point ol fire damage with any attack you make witb a scimitar. light mace, light pick, spear, or falchion. This benefit lasts until the start oi your next turn.


Desert Wind Dodge can be used in place of Dodge to qualify fora feat, prestige class, or other special ability. If you already have Dodge when you select Desert Wind Dodge, you can choose to lose the Dodge feat and gain a new feat in its place. You must meet the prerequisite for the new feat.

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