Healer's Balm

Mundane Item
(Complete Adventurer, p. 118)

Price: 10 gp
Body Slot:
Weight: — lb.

This smooth, sweet-smelling balm allows a healer to better soothe the effects of wounds, disease, and poison.

Alchemical Item. Healer's balm provides a +1 alchemical bonus on Heal checks made to help an affected creature. The effects of healer's balm last for 1 minute.

One dose of healer's balm is enough to coat one Medium creature. Applying healer's balm is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. It can be applied as part of a standard action made to administer first aid, treat a wound, or treat poison.

Prerequisites: Craft (Alchemy) DC 20.

Cost to Create: 5 gp, 1 XP, 1 day(s).

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