Door of Decay

(Complete Champion, p. 120)

Conjuration (Teleportation)
Level: Cleric 5,
Components: V, S,
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: See text
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous

You feel yourself pulled forward, into the undead creature you have touched. Your flesh and soul grow cold, and after an instant of maddening emptiness, you reappear elsewhere.

You can use the Negative Energy Plane as a conduit in the same fashion that most teleportation magic uses the Astral Plane. Upon casting this spell, you can literally step into an undead creature and emerge from another designated undead creature up to 100 miles away per caster level. If you do not know the precise location of the destination undead, you can select the undead creature you control nearest your desired exit point. Both undead creatures must be your size category or larger and either willing or under your control. (Mindless undead are considered willing only if you control them).

If you worship Wee Jas, Vecna, or another deity associated with both death and magic, you gain a +4 bonus to your caster level for the purpose of determining the maximum distance you can travel. You can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn't exceed your maximum load, but you cannot bring other creatures with you.

Special: A dread necromancer can learn this spell through the advanced learning class feature, even though it is not a necromancy spell.

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