Fire Wings

(Complete Divine, p. 165)

Transmutation [Fire]
Level: Druid 3, Wu Jen 3 (Fire), Shugenja 3 (Fire),
Components: V, S, M, AF,
Casting Time: 1 full round
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 min./level

This spell transforms your arms into wings of brilliant fire. The flame does not damage you or any items you carry. Because your arms are transformed, you cannot hold items in your hands or cast spells that require somatic components while using fire wings, but rings, bracers, and other items worn on your arms when you cast the spell still function normally. The wings allow you to fly at a speed of 60 feet (or 40 feet if you wear medium or heavy armor), with good maneuverability. You can charge but not run while flying, and you cannot carry more than a light load aloft. Using a fire wings spell requires only as much concentration as walking, so you can take other actions normally.

If the spell duration expires while you are aloft, you descend at a rate of 60 feet per round for 1d6 rounds, then fall the rest of the distance if you haven't already landed. Because dispelling a spell effectively ends it, the subject also descends in this way if the fire wings spell is dispelled, but not if it is negated by an antimagic field.

You can make unarmed attacks with the fire wings, but you are not considered proficient with them and thus suffer a -4 penalty on your attack rolls. A successful unarmed strike deals 2d6 points of fire damage in addition to your normal unarmed attack damage.

The wings can be extinguished (and the spell canceled) by a quench spell, immersion in water, or a wind of hurricane or greater force.

Material Component: the feather of a bird, which you must burn when you cast the spell.
Focus: A golden amulet shaped like a phoenix.

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