Initiate of Bahamut

( Dragon Magic, p. 20)


The Platinum Dragon has entrusted you with great power in the battle against evil.


Cleric level 3rd. dragonblood subtype, deity Bahamut,


Once per day, you can smite evil (as the paladin class feature, PH 44), using your cleric level as your paladin level. If you have the ability to smite evil from another class. your cleric levels and levels in that class stack for the purpose of determining the extra damage dealt by your smite evil ability. If you are a dragonborn (see Races of the Dragon), you can instead smite evil twice per day.

In addition, you add the following spells to your cleric spell list.

Level Spell Description
1st Feather Fall Objects or creatures fall slowly.
3rd Wingblast Create wings that can transform into a gust of wind or obscuring mist.
5th Lord of the Sky Gain flight and one use of lightning bolt; slow airborne creatures.
7th Aspect of the Platinum Dragon Take the form of an aspect of Bahamut.

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