Feats in Dragon Magic

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Armor of Scales You imbue a target with the protection of a dragon's ... Dragon Magic
Black Dragon Lineage You have attuned yourself to your black dragon ancestry and ... Dragon Magic
Blue Dragon Lineage You have learned to harness the powers of your blue ... Dragon Magic
Brass Dragon Lineage You have unlocked the power of your brass dragon ancestry ... Dragon Magic
Bronze Dragon Lineage channel arcane energy to repel foes. Dragon Magic
Copper Dragon Lineage You have learned to channel the powers of your copper ... Dragon Magic
Double Draconic Aura You can project two draconic auras simultaneously. Dragon Magic
Draconic Armor You learn to block damage from successful attacks, lessening the ... Dragon Magic
Draconic Aura You can tap into the raw power of dragons to ... Dragon Magic
Draconic Heritage You have a greater connection with your draconic bloodline than ... Dragon Magic
Draconic Knowledge Your draconic blood lets you access ancient draconic knowledge. Dragon Magic
Draconic Senses Your draconic blood grams you great sensory powers. Dragon Magic
Draconic Vigor You gain some of the vitality of your draconic ancestry ... Dragon Magic
Dragonfire Assault You can augment your most powerful melee attacks with draconic ... Dragon Magic
Dragonfire Channeling You channel draconic fire through your holy symbol. Dragon Magic
Dragonfire Inspiration You can channel the power of your draconic ancestry into ... Dragon Magic
Dragonfire Strike You can call upon your innate draconic power to augment ... Dragon Magic
Dragontouched You have a trace of draconic power, a result of ... Dragon Magic
Gold Dragon Lineage You can harness the legacy of your gold dragon ancestry ... Dragon Magic
Green Dragon Lineage Your link to your green dragon ancestors allows you to ... Dragon Magic

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