Slayer of Dragons

( Dragon Magic, p. 22)


You protect your allies from the ravages they are sure to face while hunting dragons.


Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, must not be of the dragonblood subtype, must not have any draconic feats,


You gain access to ceremonies based on your ranks in Knowledge (religion). Each ceremony allows you to provide up to five allies with defenses against dragons. Each ceremony takes 1 minute and requires a torch prepared with special herbs and incenses worth a certain minimum gold piece value (see below). All participants stand in a circle facing inward and together hold the torch. The effect of each ceremony lasts for 24 hours. Stand Together (4 ranks): You draw forth the courage of all the would-be hunters so that all might share it. When facing a creature that has frightful presence, each participant can treat his Hit Dice (for the purpose of determining the frightful presence's effectiveness) as 1 higher for each other participant in the ceremony who is within 60 feet of him. This ritual requires special herbs and incenses worth 20 gp. Stand Apart (8 ranks): You chant a litany of I freedom, snuffing the torch in water at the end of the ceremony. All participants gain a +2 bonus on saves against breath weapons as long as at least one other participant in the ceremony is within 6C feet but not in the area of the same breath weapon. This ritual requires special herbs and incenses worth 100 gp. Stand Alone (13 ranks): You chant a litany of devotion as each participant passes a hand over the torch flame. If at anytime during the next 24 hours, any participant is reduced to -1 or fewer hit points by the attack, breath weapon, spell, or other ability of a dragon, all other participants gain a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls against dragons, as well as on saving throws against the attacks of dragons. These bonuses last for the next 10 rounds or until the wounded character is restored to 0 or more hit points, whichever comes first. If at least half of the participants in the ritual have been defeated in this manner, the bonus increases to +5-This ritual requires special herbs and incenses worth 500 gp.

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