Gnome Tunnel Acrobatics

( Dungeonscape, p. 44)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, Tactical]

Goblin raiding parties whisper of the crazed but effective tactics that gnome tunnel guards use to defend their homes. The gnomes excel at using acrobatics to penetrate enemy ranks or launch devastating attacks from above.


Knowledge (dungeoneering) 2 ranks, and Tumble 9 ranks, Gnome; or base attack bonus +4,


The Gnome Tunnel Acrobatics feat enables the use of certain tactical maneuvers, described below. Combat Puppeteer: You slip between your foes in a blur of movement, confusing them and causing them to strike at each other by mistake. If you use the Tumble skill to avoid an opponent's attack of opportunity, you can use this maneuver on the following round. You must make a double move and attempt a Tumble check at a -5 penalty to avoid a foe's attack of opportunity. If your check succeeds, your foe makes an attack of opportunity but targets a creature of your choice within its reach rather than you. You can use this maneuver against one creature per round. Tunnel Scrambler: Using a series of deft tumbles and somersaults, you crowd your opponent and force him to move. If you make a successful melee attack against an opponent who has walls adjacent to at least two sides of his space, you can make a special Tumble check on your next turn. This check requires a full-round action. As part of this action, make a Tumble check to move through the target's space. On a successful check, you stop in his space (rather than move past him) and attack as part of your full-round action. If the check fails, you provoke an attack of opportunity, and the rest of your full-round action is wasted. If your melee attack hits, you move your foe S feet in a direction of your choice. You now occupy the space that he occupied {or one of the spaces of your choice). If your melee attack misses, you return to the space you occupied when you started this maneuver. Wall Leaper: If you drop from a wall while climbing and land adjacent to a creature, you can make one attack as a standard action. This attack counts as a charge, and you gain a bonus on your damage roll equal to the number of points of falling damage that you take.


A fighter can select Gnome Tunnel Acrobatics as one of his fighter bonus feats (PHB 38).

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