Feat Category – Tactical

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Awesome Smite Through a combination of sheer muscle and mystical acumen, you ... Complete Champion
Battlecaster Defense You have mastered techniques for taking full advantage of spells ... Complete Mage
Battlecaster Offense You cunningly mix melee combat and spellcasting to increase the ... Complete Mage
Battleshifter Training Your shifter fighting instincts grant you a sophisticated blend of ... Races of Eberron
Bestial Charge You have learned to take complete advantage of the animal ... Complete Champion
Blood-Spiked Charger You throw yourself into the fray, using your spiked armor ... Player's Handbook II
Brute Fighting Your extensive training with two-handed weapons is revealed through brutally ... Races of Eberron
Cavalry Charger Fighting from the back of a steed is second nature ... Complete Warrior
Clarion Commander On the battlefield, you are a natural leader. You issue ... Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords
Combat Brute You employ strength and leverage to great effect in battle. Complete Warrior
Combat Cloak Expert You are adept at turning your cloak into a vital ... Player's Handbook II
Combat Panache Your glowing personality and sharp performance abilities allow you to ... Player's Handbook II
Confound the Big Folk You excel when battling foes bigger than you are. Races of the Wild
Crowd Tactics You are adept at moving through and fighting in crowds. Races of Destiny
Dancing with Shadows You have studied sheshan talarash dasyannah, the martial dance of ... Races of Eberron
Distant Horizon An initiate of the Setting Sun sometimes learns a set ... Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords
Disturbing Visage You can change your features to chilling effect. Races of Eberron
Drow Scorpion Warrior Your study of the ways of the scorpion grants you ... Secrets of Xen'drik
Einhander You excel at wielding a one-handed weapon while carrying nothing ... Player's Handbook II
Elusive target Trying to land a blow against you can be a ... Complete Warrior

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