Nightbringer Initiate

( Faiths of Eberron, p. 147)


You have been trained in the ways of the Nightbringers, a new offshoot of the Children of Winter


ability to spontaneously cast summon nature's ally, Nongood alignment,


Add Hide and Move Silently to your list of druid class skills.

In addition, you can cast the following spells as if they were on the druid spell list at the indicated level.

Level Spell
1st inflict light wounds
2nd darkness
3rd deeper darkness
4th enervation
5th summon monster V (can only be used to summon a shadow mastiff)
6th planar ally (can only be used to call a native of Mabar)
7th control undead
8th create greater undead (can only be used to create shadows)
9th gate (can only be used to open a gate to Mabar)

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