Kuo-Toan Monasticism

( Monster Manual V, p. 97)


The monitors learn to use the strange, sticky substance common to kuo-toas as part of their martial arts. If a monitor's first punch hits, it sticks it's hand to it's target, Executes an acrobatic tumble, and unfailingly lands it's second strike.


a kuo-toa can smear a strange sticky substance on it's hands. When using flurry of blows, Flurry of blows. As a swift action, Kuo-Toa, rather than its character level to determine it stunning fist save DC, the kuo-toa autimatically hits with one of its extra attacks if its first attack hits. A kuo-toa that has this feat uses its Hit Dice,

Required for

Mind-Shattering Strike (MM5) ,

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