Mind-Shattering Strike

( Monster Manual V, p. 97)


Violent madness lurks just beneath the surface in all kuo-toas. The monitors learn to control this madness and channel it into their enemies.


Kuo-Toan Monasticism (MM5) , Flurry of Blows, kuo-toa, Stunnig Fist,


Before making an unarmed strike, a Kuo-Toa monitor can choose to use this feat, consuming one of the monitor's daily uses of the Stunning Fist feat, if a Kuo-Toa monitor next unarmed strke hits, the struck opponent must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the Monitor's HD+it's Wis Modifier). On a Failed save that foe attacks the closest non-kuo-toa on its next turn. This feat also grants 1 additional use of the stunning fist feat

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