Combat Panache

( Player's Handbook II, p. 93)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, Tactical]

Your glowing personality and sharp performance abilities allow you to navigate the battlefield on sheer chutzpah alone. While others rely on swords and armor, you use your cutting wit and ability to manipulate others.


Bluff 8 ranks, Intimidate 8 ranks, Perform 8 ranks,


The Combat Panache feat grants you access to three special tactical maneuvers.

Fortuitous Tumble: For a brief moment, you appear to let your guard down. As your foe swings at you, you slip out of the way, causing his attack to slam into one of his allies. By positioning yourself correctly and making yourself an appealing target, you dupe your foe into making a critical blunder. To use this maneuver, you must be successfully attacked by a foe. On your next turn, you can take a move action to make a Bluff check opposed by his Sense Motive check. If you succeed on the check, you can take an immediate action at the start of your foe's next turn and designate a different target for your opponent's next melee attack (which must be a creature it threatens).

Play Dead: You crumple to the ground as if slain, luring your opponent into a false sense of security. As an immediate action after you are hit for at least 10 points of damage by a single attack, you can attempt to play dead. You drop prone and make a Bluff check opposed by your attacker's (or any other relevant observer's) Sense Motive check. If you succeed on this check, the observer assumes you are dead. If you subsequently rise and attack him in the same round, he loses any attack of opportunity he might have been entitled to against you, and he loses his Dexterity bonus to AC against the first attack that you make. You can use this ability once per encounter. Standing up after playing dead does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Sneering Glower: With just the right mix of your intimidating presence and your martial talents, you strike such fear into your target that he has difficulty fighting you effectively. On your next turn after you deal at least 1 point of damage to your opponent, you can make an Intimidate check against him as a move action. If you succeed on this check, your foe takes a penalty on his attack rolls against you equal to your Charisma bonus. You can gain this benefit against only one foe at a time; it lasts for the duration of the encounter or until you switch targets. If you designate a new target for this ability (by attempting a new Intimidate check against a different creature), the previous target no longer takes the penalty on his attack rolls against you. Opponents that are immune to the effects of the Intimidate skill, such as mindless creatures and those with immunity to fear, are immune to this maneuver.


A fighter can select Combat Panache as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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