Clarion Commander

( Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, p. 34)


On the battlefield, you are a natural leader. You issue orders and coordinate your allies, but you also learn to take advantage of their actions and maximize the fruits of teamwork. When you attack a foe with your allies, the combined result of your efforts can be devastating.


White Raven Defense (ToB) , Base attack bonus +6, two White Raven maneuvers,


The Clarion Commander feat enables the use of three tactical options.

Following Up: To use this option, you must make a successful DC 20 Diplomacy check as a move action after hitting your target with a melee attack. If you hit that target again on your next turn, the target provokes an attack of opportunity from an ally of your choice (assuming at least one is in position to make such an attack).

Perpetual Flank: To use this option, you make a DC 20 Intimidate check against an opponent as a standard action. If this check succeeds and you make a successful melee attack against the same foe on your next turn, you and your allies can treat that enemy as flanked for 1 minute.

Pile On: To use this option, you must use the aid another action (PH 154) to grant an ally a bonus on his next attack roll against an opponent both of you threaten. If your ally attacks and hits that enemy, you can make an immediate attack of opportunity against that target. You gain this benefit it your ally hits the foe before the start of your next turn. You gain the attack of opportunity only on the first successful attack.

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