Faith Unswerving

( Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, p. 34)


The initiate of the Devoted Spirit knows that his fanaticism and devotion to a cause are enough to carry him through almost anything. This tactical feat allows you to draw on this reservoir of energy. As your foes injure you, you become a more daunting foe.


Devoted Bulwark (ToB) , base artack bonus +6, two Devoted Spirit maneuvers,


The Faith Unswerving feat enables the use of three tactical options.
Keep Up The Pressure: To use this option, you must make a charge attack against a foe. If you hit, at any time before the start of your next turn you can take an immediate action to move up to your speed immediately after that foe moves, as long as you end your movement adjacent to that target.
Take One for the Team: To use ties option, you must hit a a opponent with a melee attack. At any time before the start of your next turn, you can take an immediate action to block a melee attack made by that opponent it he targets one of your allies. You must be adjacent to the ally to use this ability, and you must decide to use this ability before you know the result of the enemy's attack roll. If the attack hits your ally, roll 1d20 and add your AC to the result. If the result of this roll is greater than the opponent's attack result, he hits you instead, even if the attack roll's result wouldn't normally be high enough to hit you.
One Last Strike:To use this option, you must be the subject of an attack, spell, or ability that reduces you to 0 or fewer hit points. As an immediate action, you can move up to 5 feet and make a single melee attack with a +5 bonus on the attack roll. You gain a bonus on your damage roll equal to your character level. This attack is considered a strenuous action. Regardless of the result of your attack, you still take the damage from the attack that triggered this ability. You complete this immediate action before dropping to 0 or fewer hit points.

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