Draconic Heritage

( Dragon Magic, p. 17)


You have a greater connection with your draconic bloodline than others of your kind.


Sorcerer level 1,

Required for

Brass Dragon Lineage (DM) , Black Dragon Lineage (DM) , Blue Dragon Lineage (DM) , Bronze Dragon Lineage (DM) , Copper Dragon Lineage (DM) , Draconic Armor (DM) , Draconic Knowledge (DM) , Draconic Vigor (DM) , Gold Dragon Lineage (DM) , Green Dragon Lineage (DM) , Red Dragon Lineage (DM) , Silver Dragon Lineage (DM) , White Dragon Lineage (DM) ,


You gain the dragonblood subtype. Choose one kind of dragon from the list in the table below. This is your draconic heritage, which cannot later be changed unless you undergo the Rite of Draconic Affinity (see page 59 of Races of the Dragon). Half-dragons must choose the same dragon kind as their dragon parent. When you declare your draconic heritage, you gain a bonus on saving throws against magic sleep and paralysis effects, as well as on saves against spells and abilities with a descriptor that matches the corresponding energy type. This bonus equals the number of draconic feats you have. In addition, you gain the corresponding skill as a sorcerer class skill.

Dragon Kind Energy Type Skill
Black Acid Hide
Blue Electricity Listen
Green Acid Move Silently
Red Fire Intimidate
White Cold Balance
Brass Fire Gather Information
Bronze Electricity Survival
Copper Acid Hide
Gold Fire Heal
Silver Cold Disguise


With your DM's permission, you can choose a draconic heritage associated with a kind of dragon not found in the Monster Manual. For details and more options, see Draconic Heritage, page 102 of Races of the Dragon.

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