Gold Dragon Lineage

( Dragon Magic, p. 19)


You can harness the legacy of your gold dragon ancestry to protect your allies.


Draconic Heritage (DM) (gold) , sorcerer level 3rd,


As a swift action, you can spend an arcane spell slot to create a lucky aura that protects your allies. All allies within 30 feet (including you) gain a luck bonus equal to the spell slots level that they can apply on any one saving throw as an immediate action. This bonus must be used within a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1 round), or it is lost. An affected ally need not remain within 30 feet of you to use this bonus. No character can have more than one luck bonus from this feat at a time. If the feat is used a second time while the first use is still active, the new duration replaces the previous one unless the character chooses to retain the previous duration (for instance, if it were from a higher-level spell slot).

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